LEGO Goes Hollywood (Florida)!

My kids both play with LEGOs.  It is somewhat of a passion that now is two generations old.  So, when we heard that the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood was having an Internationally recognized LEGO artist show off his works, we couldn't wait.

 Once inside, the kids scattered and found their own special pieces they enjoyed.  They tended to find the ones that were whimsical and full of colors.

On the other hand, I looked at the deeper pieces that seemed to have more to say than the block plastic exterior they were built from.

A few were a bit trite.  Although I liked this 'disintegration' piece, it seemed to be an easy and expected work in LEGOs.

The "Hanging On" and "Wall" pieces took me by surprise.  The balance and scale of "Hanging On" was impressive with the tip of his feet at about four feet off the ground.  "Wall" in its grey glory set a mood far more mature than a child's play toy.

 By far, my favorite pieces was a man holding a lifeless woman(?) in his arms.  You can actually feel his pain when looking at the 'face' and body positioning.

The artist, Nathan Sawaya, was invited back this year to the Art and Culture Center because his 2008 show drew the largest crowd in the Center's 30+ year history.