Keep the stress to a minimum and work with your expert realtor to achieve success

Keep the stress to a minimum and work with your expert realtor to achieve success

Smart Guide To Closing & Moving In

by Hal Feldman (

It's no secret that moving to your new home will entail a good deal of work. To keep the stress low, always consult with your agent who helps guide people with this process all the time. Also, remember that you don't have to be Superman. Consider the following...


  1. Sign closing documents. These days, very few closings occur at a closing table with all parties present. While it is always nice to meet, technology has allowed the Buyer and Seller to sign in advance and have the title company just compile the paperwork, distribute the money and record the deed change, all without leaving their desk.
    With so many things that you need to coordinate, I highly recommend you sign in advance and have peace of mind with one less thing to do.

  2. Do a walk-through. Schedule the morning of the closing date to make sure the Seller has had time to move out. Inspect whether their is any damage from the move-out, that all the appliances are maintained and in place, and that none of the Seller's possessions remain. Also, the term "broom swept" simply means that trash is removed, do not assume you will receive a sparkling clean home.

  3. Schedule utilities. Start your utilities on the day of closing. In Florida, the Buyer owns the day of closing, so be sure you have electric, water and air conditioning to come home to.

    Florida Power & Light  305-442-8770
    FPL also has a great free energy survey service where they come to the home and tell you about how to save money. They will also teach you about rebate programs.

    Miami-Dade Water Department  305-665-7477
    Establish your service to turn on no later than your move-in day.

    AT&T (Landline Phone Service)  888-757-6500
    If you want a home phone line, try here.

  4. Start insurances and forward your mail. Insurances must start on day of closing, so be sure to get this scheduled about a week in advance. You can always cancel or delay a start date in an emergency. Mail forwarding should start when you are ready.


  1. Request all the home's papers/documents. Your Seller has great knowledge of the home. Make sure you ask if they can leave you papers about the appliances and maintenance.

  2. Ask the Seller to a write up any instructions about how they do things in or for the home. Your Seller has great knowledge of the home and can be helpful on showing you some of the "tricky" things you might not know (how to work lights, change AC filters, etc.)

  3. Ask the Seller for their cell phone and email. They may be willing to answer questions after you move in.

Hope this answers your questions. Remember, there are must do items and others that are optional.  If the smaller things slip through the crack because you have more pressing things to do, THAT'S OK!

To hear more, Hal is only a phone call or email away. Ask him!