New Crosswalks and Accessible Curb Cuts at Old Cutler and SW 152nd Street

For the past three weeks or so, you may have noticed these signs up on Old Cutler Road near SW 152nd Street.  These are the signs of a crosswalk update currently underway by the Village of Palmetto Bay.

It appears as if the work is nearing completion, but may be another week or so.  None of the on-site construction crew would comment.

The good news is that Palmetto Bay is being beautified and made more accessible to pedestrians.  My first reaction was that this would enhance the already good access provided to bikers and pedestrians to walk to and from Coral Reef Park.  My wife wondered why taxpayers should be saddled with this expense. Ah, the yin and yang of life!

I spoke brifly with Bill Kress, PIO for Palmetto Bay, who confirmed this was a Federal grant project that was awarded to Palmetto Bay in the amount of $160,000.  He was hoping to get me even more information about it and if I get word back I'll post an update here.

An onsite Palmetto Bay police officer believed that similar work was slated next for Old Cutler and 168th Street.

As a weekend runner and frequent traveler at this intersection, I look forward to the traffic patterns returning to normal and appreciate Palmetto Bay's decision to wait until the end of the school year to start the real heavy work on this project that affected traffic.

Here's to Palmetto Bay progress...