Village Hall Capped Off & Green

Over the past week, if you've driven on US1 near Franjo, you'll no doubt marvel at the rapid progress of the new Palmetto Bay Village Hall.  I am so proud to be in Palmetto Bay these days...


Not only did the Village buy the land at the right time/right price, but they selected a contractor who is rapidly approaching the finish line of Florida's first LEED Platinum-certified green municipal building.  It is great to be #1 yet another time!

What I find impressive is that when the building is complete, nearly 60% of the electrical needs for the building will be met by its own solar cells.  99% of the lighting is LED technology and a special 30,000 gallon rain capturing system will collect rainwater for use in irrigation and toilet flushing within the building.

You can read more in the Miami Herald.