Sprucing up is mostly about selling fast, not for more money

Sprucing up is mostly about selling fast, not for more money

Preparing Your Home For Sale

by Hal Feldman (MiamiHal.com)

Selling your home is just like selling anything else. You need to highlight its strengths. Focus on its features. Bring out its best. Here are 10 Tips On How To Sell Your Home Faster.

  1. Curb appeal is vital. Make sure your lawn is neatly trimmed. Rake up any refuse or leaves.
    Sweep the walk. The front door should be clean and presentable. If the doorbell isn't working, fix it.

  2. Make a lasting first impression. Faded walls and worn woodwork won’t sell your home. A small investment in paint will. Don’t hesitate to decorate, with a small budget.

  3. Open the blinds, drapes and curtains. Clean the windows. Home buyers are drawn to bright, cheery interiors. Let the sunshine in.

  4. Dripping water suggests worn out plumbing. Clean those rust-stained sinks. And make sure the drains are running free and clear. Call the plumber.

  5. Loose door knobs, sticking drawers, wobbly hinges and stuck windows can all cost you a sale. Fix them, and they can make one. Pay close attention in the kitchen and the master bathroom. The devil is in the details.

  6. Keep stairways and corridors clear and free of clutter. Cluttered areas are not only unattractive, they’re dangerous as well. Safety sells.

  7. Let prospects see the big picture. Make sure your garage is neat and organized. Give your storage spaces a clean coat of paint. Sell the whole house.

  8. Buyers love big closets and storage space...and they look even bigger when they’re clean and well organized. Get rid of the piles of clothes, old cartons and other clutter.

  9. Make bathrooms sparkle. Clean sinks and bowls. Recaulk where needed. Make sure towels and area rugs are freshly washed. Bathrooms are big selling points.

  10. Bedrooms are incredibly important, especially the master bedroom! Keep them spotless! Remove excess furniture. Use attractive and colorful bed linens and spreads. Open the drapes and let the light in. Remember: this is where your buyers spend one third of their lives.