Palmetto Bay Public Hearing on Palmer Trinity School Site Plan

(9:00PM) Just back from the public debate that continues at this hour over the proposed expansion of Palmer Trinity Private School in the heart of Palmetto Bay.

I won't soapbox on which side of the issue on which I sit, but rather I will simply say I am proud of the process that is ongoing at this hour.  Even with a few out of place 2-minute speeches from residents during the public debate on zoning, the meeting ran with a sense of expeditious management.

Described as the "hole in the dougnut" of Palmetto Bay property, the school currently sits on property zones for agriculture (AG) and least until tonight.  As per a recent court decision, the Palmetto Bay council has approved the conversion of the property to a new zoning class Estate Modified (E-M) which allows setbacks to shrink to 25 feet.

The second part of the evening, which many feel will run late into the evening, is a full public debate on the site plan for several new buildings proposed for the now approved re-zoned land.  I feel as if this might get ugly, but hold out hope.

By my estimation, over 500 concerned residents on both sides of the debate filled the Christ Fellowship main auditorium.  I broadcast the first 90 minutes of the hearing live on Ustream and had a small number of people tune in.

I will be updating this site as soon as I get word on any outcome on the site plan issue.

(May 5) After many hours of debate, the council passed the site plan by a vote of 3-2.  The Mayor voted against it based primarily because of his concerns over traffic.  More details can be found here.