Town Hall for Input on Updating Coral Reef Park Playground

Palmetto Bay Councilwoman Karyn Cunningham organized a Town Hall to get input to the Village's plan to update the playground at Coral Reef Park.

Held in the cafeteria, the well attended meeting had about 50 kids, their parents and concerned people from the neighborhood. Yes, there was juice and cookies.

During the meeting, the Village Manager Ed Silva presented a series of videos and there were boards showing potential playground equipment and features that are being considered.

Also in attendance, was the Village Mayor Eugene Flinn, Parks Director Fanny Carmona, Village Clerk Meighan Alexander and representation from locals schools and the PTA. The idea was to get input from as many people as possible, especially the kids.

After a brief "field trip" the playground itself where the children had a chance to refresh their memories of what was there and ponder what could be, the group reconvened inside. Kids filled out their likes and dislikes on a survey and voiced their thoughts on the microphone with Councilwoman Cunningham.

During the presentation, it was revealed that the Village will name the updated playground as the Bridget Allison Pier Playground after a 7-year old Coral Reef Elementary student who passed away from a stroke in 2011. She was the daughter of Palmetto Bay Village Clerk Meighan Pier Alexander.

I'm sure the Village residents will enjoy the results when the project is complete.