Palmetto Bay Comedy Festival

When the headliner of the upcoming Palmetto Bay Comedy Festival was asked why she was excited about performing, she remarked, “Well, actually it was court ordered. So, excited may not be the best word. It’s more like compulsory.” And with that we get a sense of how stand up comedienne Kira Soltanovich, is going to bring the laughter on what is typically a painfully taxing day, April 15th.

Soltanovich had a recurring role on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as the photo booth voice and has appeared on several other TV shows. She recently released a Netflix special titled You Did This To Me. “My comedy is based on my family life. I was born in the former Soviet Union with moose and squirrel kind of stuff. Now I live in San Francisco, have a husband and two kids. There’s plenty of material there!”


When pressed for a more serious reason how she became the headliner for the show Kira said it was a simple choice, “It was either pick up trash on the side of the road or take a flight to Florida. And I chose to do my community service in Palmetto Bay.”

The comedy festival series is the brainchild of brothers Benjamin and Richy Leis. Their Comic Cure organization puts on shows throughout South Florida and beyond. Richy Leis will host the Palmetto Bay show, which will benefit local non-profit, The Everglades Foundation.

Kira knows Richy from Los Angeles, where he is the Talent Booker for Flappers Comedy Club. “Richy asked if I’d do the show and after I inquired if I had to and he said yes, I said to myself that’s OK. When you leave Florida, there's always a not-to-be-believed story you can take with you. And, I am always seeking a drunk audience's approval,” explains Kira. “I’m pretty boring and square, so when I leave a place like Miami, I am usually saying ‘I haven’t done enough drugs in my life’. I kid because I love."

Other top local comedians currently schedule to perform include, Ben Zieper – Winner of the 2015 Brickell Comedy Festival, William Lewis – Winner of the 2015 Wynwood Comedy Festival and Cesar Muñoz – Winner of the 2016 Latin American Comedy Festival.

Come on out for the inaugural Palmetto Bay Comedy Festival Friday, April 15 at 8:00 PM. SPECIALLY DISCOUNTED tickets available at

  • Location: Ludovici Park Amphitheater at the Library - 17641 Old Cutler Road, Palmetto Bay.
  • Parking: $5 parking per car on site.
  • Ages: 18+ (show is not meant for children)
  • Tickets: $20 Lawn. $25 Chair provided. $15 Student & Group. $30 at the door.
  • Additional Information: First come, first serve seating. No refunds. Event is subject to change and cancellation.  Food and beverage will be available for purchase on site. Bring your own chair or blanket.