Palmetto Bay To Acquire New Land

The Village of Palmetto Bay has approved a neat deal regarding the Palmetto Bay Village Center, the site that many still refer to as the "old Burger King headquarters." Nestled behind a 22-acre natural canopy of trees and vegetation, drivers on Old Cutler Road don’t see this large campus of commercial buildings…and that’s exactly the point.

In the deal, Palmetto Bay will receive those acres and a bunch more that surround the campus. This will not only create a permanent buffer, but also add to the parklands of the Village. Mayor Eugene Flinn explained, “The land will be transformed into a new passive park and nature preservation area.”

In turn, the Palmetto Bay Village Center will be allowed to increase its density within their encapsulated campus for future building. There are no immediate plans to do so, given the economic climate.

Mayor Flinn stated, "This is the perfect example of a creative and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Village and private enterprise. Future generations of residents will be able to enjoy our newest park that will be nestled into a unique, natural pineland and wetland. Preserving the beauty and natural habitat of the area is our top priority. We are all truly very excited for this!"

Of note, the Village is earmarking 1.5 acres of the acquired land to a future fire station. The public library will also get to officially own all of its current parking lot and there is a contiguous grassy area that could be used to expand it in the future.