BurgerQ, Downtown Dadeland's Newest Eatery

The brand new BurgerQ restaurant in Downtown Dadeland, which opened to the public on March 17, is a 3500 square foot fast-casual eatery with a unique style.

Set in urban chic, the soaring ceiling, open design dining room features lots of wood and metal, a visible kitchen, plenty of seating and an eating style unto itself.

BurgerQ features open-flame grilled burgers that deliver real, Southern-inspired BBQ flavors. It all starts with the specially blended hormone and antibiotic-free meat.

The bread is delivered fresh daily and the premium locally-sourced toppings make it is clear they are serious about their preparation and quality.

“We feel BurgerQ is a meeting place for local food artisans and their crafts to come together,” explained Chef Manny Diaz, who also created the menu. “Using their ingredients, we amplify the sum of their parts to create a unique dining experience.”

As you enter the restaurant, the all-digital order menu allows you to pick almost any kind of burger under the sun, plus pulled pork, smoked sausage, grilled chicken, brisket, wings and salads. The variety of fries will amaze you too. Many of the items are slowly smoked on-site for hours and their enticing aroma permeates the entire restaurant. Beyond standard fountain drinks, they offer Virgil’s Micro-Brew Soda in bottles because they have real cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

But the stunner is the “one-of-its-kind anywhere” self-serve beer wall. Pouring sixteen different brews (four varietals from four local craft brewers) at any given time, you belly up this bar yourself after having paid for either 16 or 32-ounces of suds. Using the bar code on your order receipt, you can scan the code and unlock a tap, pouring as little as a 1 oz. tester or treating yourself to a tall frosty one. Even the delivery system is special, with care taken to minimize pouring with too much foam.

Maria Teresa Ortiz, one of the owners, explains, “We are going to be a big hit with the beer wall alone. Our food will put people over the top.” Ortiz went on to remark that the owners left Venezuela to pursue the American dream and when they arrived and were deciding on a restaurant, people around them suggested they sell arepas. “We wanted to pay honor to our new home, America, so burgers was a natural choice.”

Prices are more than fair, the food is delicious and all signs point to a successful and lasting Downtown Dadeland (8970 SW 72nd Place) restaurant destination. You can learn more at http://burgerqrestaurants.com or call 786-577-3480.