2015 Mangowood Santa Parade

‘Twas days before Christmas, and all through Mangowood the children were anxious to get a little Santa time.

Each year, Santa makes a special trip to parade through their neighborhood streets at the request of the 56-year old voluntary civic association.

Known for its 1960s good feel, safe and beautiful streets and incredibly strong network of homeowners, the Mangowood section of Palmetto Bay could make just about anyone smile with all the community activities they do throughout the year, including Easter, the Fourth of July, a neighborhood garage sale and of course Christmas.

Palmetto Bay Police Officers and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Station 57 lead the way, as Village council people and a line of neighbors' golf carts and cars toured Santa around to the delight of all.

The festivities culminated with more than 100 neighbors enjoying each others company as the kids ate, drank and played in everything Christmas.

There was even an addition of a snow-making machine this year that added to the joyous occasion.

Both young and old had some time to sit with Santa and ask what they wanted for Christmas.

When it comes to neighborhoods, nothing beats Mangowood. Peroid. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!