New Fire Rescue Station Coming Soon To NE Palmetto Bay

According to Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn, the (temporary) station will be a fully functional station by Spring 2016 and the permanent structure will be built from that point forward. “Down the road, there will be a ribbon-cutting, but we will have realized the goal of having an advanced life-saving service out on the east end of our Village this Spring.”

It is Miami-Dade County that financed and placed the station at its current location, with lots of input from Palmetto Bay’s government and residents. “Pinecrest is just as anxious as we are for this station to be operational,” explained Flinn. “Pinecrest is also considering forming their own fire rescue services and this will impact them in a significantly positive way.”

To underscore the continued tension about the location of the station, I was stopped within a few minutes by two residents asking what I was doing there while simply taking a photo of the ‘coming soon’ sign. One neighbor, who’s name I’ll keep off the record, said “I’ve already had heart attacks, so from that aspect the station is a good thing, but I still think there were better locations.”

 “This has been a long time coming and I continue to hold my breath that we don’t suffer anything serious until this station is fully functioning,” summarized Mayor Flinn, “For those who don’t like the location, I can only say we had twice gotten it through Congressional approval for the USDA land location. It ended up here instead. But the absolute #1 concern is life safety. We need this station. Period. P-E-R-I-O-D.”