Palmetto Bay Tree Give-away

As the capper to Palmetto Bay's Earth Week celebrations, the Village organized a tree give-away. As in years past, Ludovici Park served as the location where residents could select one of around 250 trees made available to them for free by area nurseries and tree farms.

Camera-shy Sky and brother Colt Yeary brought their parents Amy and Doak to find the perfect tree. It was the first time the family participated and they were thrilled at the notion of adding another tree to their property.

Craig Grossenbacher lives in Palmetto Bay and is on the Tree Advisory Board. Also his first year at the event, he was filled with incredible knowledge about the trees, helping me to get the best tree for the location that I planned to plant.

Special Events Coordinator Mary Fernandez, several of the Village Council and lots of the Village staff were on-site to run the event. This is yet another fun and thoughtful event for Palmetto Bay that make it a great place to live.