Palmetto Bay 2013 Ladybug Release and Movie Night

Friday night's showing of The Lorax at Coral Reef Park in Palmetto Bay was a rousing success. Around 350 people showed for the movie and the final ladybug release during the Village's week-long Earth Week celebrations. 

Before the movie, the Mayor, Councilman Patrick Fiore and Councilwoman Joan Lindsay asked the kids to join them in the Meditation Garden to spread the final batch of ladybugs in the park. Lindsay was most convincing in her full ladybug outfit.

Around 100 kids surrounded Mayor Shelley Stanczyk as she handed out hundreds of the helpful critters. Then the little ones set them free amongst the surrounding bushes and flowers.

As dusk set in, everyone settled back into their lawn chairs and blankets to see The Lorax play on the inflatable big screen, another free event organized by the Village.

Once the movie started, people enjoyed picnic dinners, popcorn and their favorite drinks. It was a real family affair. This year, two food trucks were on hand to serve those who didn't bring food along.

Another wonderful night, excellent movie selection and proof again that Palmetto Bay is a great place to enjoy suburban living.