Expand A Doorway For Next To Nothing!

I recently spoke to a neighbor who needed to adjust their home to accommodate a wheelchair.  Unfortunately, they explained, a standard residential door opening at 30 or 32 inches is usually a very tight fit or just a smidgen too small to allow wheelchair access.

They asked multiple contractors about what to do with their doorways, hoping to hear of a creative (less expensive option).  All of them immediately gave quotes about installing wider doors (not cheap).

Then, in a moment of inspiration/desperation my neighbor took to the Internet.  It didn't take long to find a $30 solution to the problem.

These ingenious hinges install exactly the same way as a normal door hinge, but with the "L"-shaped design, the door opens 2" wider allowing for access to the full frame width of the doorway!  The only visual difference is noticed on the pull-side of the door where you see a 2" brass piece on the door.

The cost of the hinges, which come in a pack of two, is about $25-40 depending on where you look.  The results are priceless.  Not only did my neighbor save tons of money, but there was no mess and no need to repaint anything.  The hinges even install into the same screw holes as standard hinges. I think that's a pretty amazing solution to create a wheelchair-accessible doorway.  Wanted to share...