Pinch-A-Penny’s 4th of July BBQ

When is a pool store not your average pool store? When it’s the Palmetto Bay Pinch-A-Penny (US-1 and SW 144th Street) run by the Kavanaugh family. Each July 4th they invite customers and their staff to enjoy a lunchtime barbeque right in front of the store.

Just before noon, Kevin Kavanaugh proudly fires up two Big Green Egg natural charcoal BBQ grills and prepares to grill. “I can’t wait to feed my employees and thank our customers for another year of their patronage. Happy fourth everyone!”

Kevin is running late and was supposed to be joined by his father, store owner Larry Kavanaugh, but the traditionally light July 4th crowd was anything but. “We have eight employees working today and more than double the shopping we expected.”

While the charcoal heats, Kevin prepares. “We marinated our pork tenderloins last night, I prepared the chorizo this morning, I have a churrasco for emergency, but the smoked fish will be the hit.” Kavanaugh seems both comfortable and serious at the grill. “The grill is perfectly at 400 degrees and it’s time to turn the fish. I prepare it Mexican style with tangerine, key limes and cilantro stuffed inside and a light olive oil outside to keep it from sticking.” It is clear Kevin could have a second career on the Food Network.

New employee Terry Charles has been hovering around the grill waiting for the first food to come off. “I’ve been looking forward to this since the day I arrived. I hear it’s real good.” When I ask what he’ll eat he just smiles wide and answers “Everything!”

Besides some gourmet BBQ treats, the Kavanaughs’ pool store provides top-notch customer service. As one of their 3000+ repeat customers, I can tell you they’ll take care of you, teach you anything you want to know and help you enjoy your pool.

Kevin’s 6-year old daughter Kali is waiting for the store to close. “We’ll do it all again for her tonight. We’ll grill out for dinner and Grandpa will help her celebrate by setting off some fireworks. Oh, and of course, we’ll swim!”