Waze: A Smartphone Driving App

Many of Miami's roads are like a grid, with sequentially numbered streets and avenues.  It should be easy to get around and not get lost, right?  But then there are those pesky canals and lakes that tend to stop roads at dead ends.  When I'm out showing property, I need to navigate perfectly and arrive on time.  That's where Waze (yes, it's pronounced ways) becomes invaluable.

Waze operates on my iPhone (also available for Andriod and Windows Mobile).  It has replaced Google Maps for me because it provides turn-by-turn spoken directions with live traffic reporting for FREE.  Yes, free!

In addition to providing better results than Google most of the time, Waze is a community of drivers.  As you drive, you are teaching Waze better ways to get from point A to point B.  For example, after I took a shortcut to avoid two lights in a particular neighborhood, Waze no longer suggest the old route, instead showing my way as the new preferred route.

Waze also shows you other Waze drivers' locations in real-time.  As a user, you can simply run the app and forget it.  You speed will tell Waze if there is traffic and alert drivers behind you when your speed is below the posted driving speed for that road.  You can also report for Waze.  See a cop, traffic camera, accident or construction?  Simply tap a few buttons and all the driver's around you will be alerted as they approach.

If you're following Waze directions to a destination and an accident occurs ahead of you, Waze automatically routes you around it before you're stuck in the traffic.

I highly recommend you try Waze if you have a smartphone.  If you keep it and drive in South Florida, join my Waze group.  Of course, it's called MiamiHal.  Happy commuting!