Howard Drive Fun Fair

Samantha Gitlin, age 6½, ropes a bull.

Samantha Gitlin, age 6½, Howard Drive kindergarten student gleefully hurls her lasso towards bullhorns.  Twenty other elementary kids race between hiding places with laser tag guns in hand.  Jackson Margulies, age 8, from Ms. Russell’s 3rd grade class, launches into space, while hundreds of others dart between the fair booths creatively themed by each teacher.

Held on April 1, this was no April Fools’ joke.  It was none other than the annual Howard Drive Elementary Fun Fair.  Delayed from February because of a rainy day, this day turned out to be spectacular and better attended than expected.

In her first year at the school, Samantha was thrilled to see rides, crafts and activities set up on school grounds.  “I’m having fun with everything!  I got to be a great cowgirl!”  Her mother, Lisa Gitlin, agrees, “This is a wonderful way for the kids to have fun and a great way to support the school.”

Jackson Margulies, age 8, briefly soars above the school.

Once Jackson unhooked from the bungee launch, I asked him how he felt to fly high above his school.  He smiled broadly and calmly replied, “Good.”

Jason Margulies, Jackson’s father, was busy popping popcorn and serving cotton candy when I caught up with him.  “We’re having a great day here.  There are loads of wonderful people all having a terrific time. There are a lot of great programs here and it takes a lot of money to do them, so we’ll take everything we can get.”

Money hits the tills at the Howard Drive Elementary Fun Fair.

The event raised about $20,000 this year and goes to support programs all year long throughout Howard Drive Elementary.