Neighborhood Watch: More Than Crime

About two years ago, I started our neighborhood watch group in Palmetto Bay.  The original intent was to make everyone more aware about ways to protect themselves and keep their eyes open for their neighbors.  It turns out that neighborhood watch is about much more than that...

Our group meetings, which occur about 3 times a year, allowed me to find out that lots of interesting and useful people live in the area.  I have a doctor, banker, masseuse and other great neighbors I never knew I had.  There is a butterfly garden "grower", wine maker and race car mechanic too.

Neighborhood watch is about people and sharing.  Putting in just a few hours a year can yield some very nice surprises, not to mention dividends.  You also get to know first-hand about what your town has available to you.

Last night (see photo), we had a visit from Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley Stanczyk, Commissioner Patrick Fiore, and Police Officer Peter Judge.

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch in South Florida, give me a call.  I know who to put you in touch with.