Buyer Loyalty & Listening: A Recent Story

If you have a good Realtor, they are there to help you first and help themselves later, based solely on helping you succeed.

Recently, I had a house for sale in Coral Gables (908 Paradiso Avenue).  A couple who had been searching for more than 8 months called me and we scheduled a showing.  I quickly learned that they had worked with several Realtors in the past.  They said they were dissatisfied with each of them and seemed to enjoy working with me.  I asked for their loyalty and they agreed.

And why not?  I am dedicated to honest and productive relationships with my customers.

Not only do I provide loyal service to all my customers, I also had a great connection with this couple since the husband was in the broadcast television field where I had spent 15+ years of my life.

After a little fact finding, the couple put forth an offer.  It was low, but I told them I'd represent it the best I could.  After some tough back and forth, including competition with another offer, they went into contract.

The terms they chose showed me that they were still unsure of their purchase.  Once the clock started ticking, I did everything to get their inspectors, architects, designers, etc. into the house.  I provided ongoing and copious comparables, researched questions then had, and reminded them about deadlines, particularly the inspection period deadline.

Almost as if by script, the Buyer waited until 87 minutes before the deadline and backed out of the contract without fanfare.  Immediately thereafter, they asked me to return their escrow deposit.  Again, I worked quickly and efficiently to do so.  Within 48 hours, they had check in hand.

When I sent the next email showing them other houses in the area that would better fit their updated criteria, I got a curt "we're going to do this on our own" response.

I laughed.

This Buyer has been looking for 8 months without success.  Why? Well, after the experience with them, I can tell you exactly why.  They have no loyalty.  This means they have to start relationships over and over again with agents each time.  They also refuse to take good advice to heart.  They believe what they think, rather than what the experts are telling them.

Several times, I heard the inspector and architects tell them something and I watched it go in one ear and out the other.  They also ignored my information about the condition of the roof and air conditioning, among other advice.

This Buyer will continue to defeat themselves.  They are seeing the market firm up in both price and choice.  Interest rates continue to rise.  Yet, they are going to blame the Realtor and professionals.  In the end, if they buy, they will overpay and have a higher interest rate to boot.

Without loyalty, you cannot buy real estate.  You need it from your Realtor and you need to provide it to the people who work for you.  If you find a good Realtor, give them the respect and loyalty they deserve.  It'll pay off for you many times over.

My reply to the Buyer's "we're going to do this on our own" email?  "Good luck."