Rockin' Daycation In The Keys!

Growing up in the Northeast with grandparents in South Florida, I knew how much fun it was to escape the cold and come down for a week sun and play.  There is nothing quite like leaving the drab days of winter and three hours later digging your toes into warm, white sand.

Now that I live here, you get pretty spoiled with great weather year-round (sans a few months of hurricane season worry).  But I've found a way to liven things up a bit...

Every once in a while, I mix a change of scenery with my favorite classic rock-and-roll cover band to produce an awesome daycation!  "Mr. Nice Guy" is the overly talented band.  Gilbert's Resort in Key Largo, FL is the venue.  Together they produce a fun and rockin' good time.  I drive home relaxed and happy.

Just last weekend was the last daycation trip I took.  It happened to be Tom Hall's birthday (Mr. Nice Guy's guitarist).  Tom also plays with Slow Ride, a remix of Foghat.  The following video shows Tom playing a few tunes with Slow Ride.  Pretty amazing stuff!

Mr. Nice Guy is no less entertaining to watch.  Members live in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, so they can usually be seen in bars and venues in those metro areas.  But when they travel to the Keys, it's worth the trip.  Daycation extrodinaire... It's like hopping a plane from up North, but only 45 minutes away from Palmetto Bay and a whole lot less expensive!