Flinn For Miami-Dade Commissioner

As he terms out as Mayor for Palmetto Bay, Eugene Flinn is running hard to become Miami-Dade Commissioner in District 8.  Today was the primary and even as the poll results continued to come in, Flinn was in good spirits at Little Hoolie's.

It looks like there will be a run-off, but he was in a commanding lead in what amounts to a three way race.  As of this posting, here are the results:

E. FLINN                    4,824    30%
L. BELL                      3,912    24%
A. TADDEO                3,309    21%
A. HARUM-ALVAREZ   1,834    11%
O. PIEDRA                 1,164    7%
D. MARMORSTEIN         973    6%

At tonight's event, Flinn enjoyed a warm welcome and a few toasts from his supports.  Here he is with Pinecrest councilman Joe Coradino.  Many of the Village staffers were there as well.