2010 Winterfest Boat Parade

Last night was the 39th annual South Florida Winderfest Boat Parade.  2010 also marked Fort Lauderdale's 100th anniversary.  What better way to celebrate both events (and razz a few of my friends who live up North) than head to the Intercoastal Waterway for some parade viewing, drinks and music...all in short sleeves of course.

It started shortly after 6:30p and cruised down the Intercoastal with music blaring and party-goers raising the roof from each of the themed boats.

While most of the larger boats were sponsored and easily identified as such, there were lots of smaller craft with fun and folksy charm.  The cornucopia of sound made the fast-moving parade very enjoyable, with transitions from Flo Rida to Elvis tunes.

My favorite boat was a large barge outfitted with bike and skateboard ramps.  There were live bikers doing flips and tricks as they sped past.  Another boat had a person hanging upside down and spinning.  Of course, there are tons of floats (true floats!) that were holiday themed.  One Santa suite was adorned with LED lights that glowed red and white...very striking.

This unique event is yet another fun reason to be in South Florida.

I happened to be at a home that had its own live musical act that performed after the parade ended.  Here is one of their covers of Led Zeppelin.

If you did not make it to the boat parade, you can watch it on Channel 7 (the local Fox station) next Saturday, Dec. 18 at 8 p.m. or on either Christmas Day or New Year's Day at 4 p.m.