Palmetto Bay Moves Into Its New Village Hall

Today was moving day for the Village of Palmetto Bay.  They vacated their property on 152nd Street and headed to Franjo Triangle.

While it might look a bit unfinished, the bustle of activity on the side and back of the building let you know things were happening.  I was a bit surprised to see all these bricks awaiting placement to for the sidewalks around the Hall, but then saw the huge number of workers that were quickly putting the mosaic of brick into place.

There were a decent number of cars in the parking lot, which I assumed were our Village staffers.  I also saw a few "suits" that appeared to be related to the construction.

Regardless of the current state, I am proud to see this building open, even if it is a soft opening.  Our Village is now away from its lease and banking within its own real estate.  As mentioned in prior blog posts, this builidng is to be LEED certified platinum and will supply a decent amount of its own electricity through solar panels and nearly all of its irrigation and toilet water from rainwater collection.

It's great to be in Palmetto Bay!

This main entrance will soon be open to villagers.  I look forward to it and will do an in-depth tour of the facilites at that time.