Signs Say "Welcome To Palmetto Bay"

In early 2010, four monument signs will announce to motorists that they've entered the Village of Palmetto Bay.  In a brilliant "branding and marketing" effort, the Village also made sure never to lose sight of its "green initiative".  To that end, all four signs will light up at night...powered solely by solar panels.

The "Welcome To Palmetto Bay" signs, with their green floral and ibis designs, will be placed at four key Village locations:

Just south of Southwest 136 Street on U.S. 1

Just north of Southwest 184 Street on U.S. 1

At Southwest 136 Street & Old Cutler Road

At Southwest 183 Terrace & Old Cutler Road

The cost of the sign project is $92,500.  It was approved by the Mayor and City Coucil in mid-July 2009.  As a resident, I again applaud this effort and feel it only brings additional value to our already healthy Village economy.