Neighborhood Crime Watch: Improve Your Block

I recently started a Neighborhood Crime Watch on our block with the help of the wonderful people at Citizen's Crime Watch of Miami-Dade County.  When I began the process of forming the group, I thought it would serve only to help us fight crime, but it is turning out to provide a good deal more.

It's amazing what happens when neighbors have a chance to actually meet each other beyond the obligatory wave as you drive down the block.  You learn something about each household and become more aware about how you can all interact and help each other.

In the few short weeks our group has been formed, new friendships have emerged and we are planning a block party.  Block improvements are planned or underway.  Several houses are contacting FPL about having street lamps installed for greater nighttime protection.  In short, we are now a block united...a block thinking beyond just crime prevention.

Neighborhood Crime Watch has enhanced the value of our block in both a social and economic manner.  Imagine looking for a home and being shown a house on a block with one of these signs proudly displayed nearby.  It instantly makes the house feel like it is part of a active community.

I highly recommend the experience of starting a Neighborhood Crime Watch.  A little "sweat equity" can go a long way...