Redlands Wig Birthday Party

Every once in a while, you just gotta let your hair down...or perhaps put it on! Well, Saturday night was a little of both...

The wife and I hopped in our car to celebrate a friend's birthday. The party was in the Redlands section of Miami. Known for nurseries, farming and agriculture, it also is a great setting for a party.

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I went as an '80 concertgoer, specifically the Live Aid show. Yes, I lived in Philly at the time and that's my original shirt from the show.  My wife went platinum blonde...a big change to say the least.

The party started slow, but really kicked in when the live band started playing some classic rock tunes under the stars.

Although the pictures don't necessarily show it, in the Redlands your dollars and your fun go a little further. The party location had a koi pond, amazing acres of well landscaped “backyard” and a huge home.

Happy birthday Danny and Ben!

On top of some great fun, we met some new people including Brie Miller from BIG 105.9, a classic rock station here in Miami.

Ronnie, Brie, the wife and me