Barbara and Eddie Raduns (Sold)


“Did the best job I could have imagined. Sold our house in 4 days. The best!!”

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)


You were straightforward, honest and I like the way you presented yourself and how you were gonna present the house and it sounded good to me and I thought well I think we got somebody who can sell our house and it proved to be a fact because you sold it in four days.

I knew that you had sold of my friend's house and she was so delighted with you because you came over and helped her screw in her light bulb and she was but for whatever reason she said that's the fella for us and of course she did sell their house and she remained very happy with you.

You explained any questions that we had simply and in non-fancy language and we understood it was not a problem and any time we had a question you never hemmed and hawed you gave us a straight answer which is what we wanted.

We're really very pleased. I was mostly pleased with the separation in terms of your doing your job. I had such confidence in that aspect I didn't have to think about that and the fact that you didn't need us present for most everything and I like that too and the next thing I know I knew was that you said several families are very interested and that was wonderful.

I got the guy for you he knows what he's doing he's straightforward he's honest he'll either sell your house or he'll show you a house that you're gonna want to buy. You'll have no problem he's got all his fingers showing all the time.

Hal Feldman is the best Realtor in Miami. I highly recommend him.

Hal's Note:  Eddie does like brevity, but I do love his review! It’s all about getting it done and doing it professionally. That’s what happened for Eddie and Barbara.