Cris Perez (Bought & Sold, a few times)

"I've known Hal Feldman for now over 10 years and have done 5 different Real Estate deals with him; which his work/efforts never disappointed. He first helped me buy my first place as a 24 year old. He took me through the brutal journey of a foreclosure at a very low selling price which did not  make him much commission but he worked his tail off as if it was a million dollar commission for him.

Cris and Mari

Cris and Mari

Few years later, after meeting my now wife, I reached out to the only one I trust with my real estate needs. He had my condo under contract in less than a week and doubling my investment. After having a conversation and speaking like a friend no longer a client he directed me to an up and coming area for us; brand new/ pre construction townhouse where he fought for every last incentive to be thrown into the deal and the best lot in front of a park. He then received another phone call that we had fallen in love with the neighborhood a single family home which is the home of our dreams was going up for sale the next day and we wanted to jump on it and sell our townhouse. He did not flinch to be there the next day and have the sellers take our offer without seeing one single buyer. This was a short sale which was our toughest deal that took us to the closing table twice and showed the measures Hal would now take for his now friend (me). He also made me some money on the townhouse which was another miracle since they were still building new ones at the time. I hope you go with Hal with any real estate deal; give him a chance to just hear him out and everything else will fall into place with his guidance!"

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

Hal's Note:  Cris is one of my cherished accomplishments. I took a client through several personal journeys and came out with a friend. Real estate can be a defining moment beyond finances. I love when it happens and look for opportunities to create more.