Greg Reynolds (Sold)

I had the joy of having Hal assist me in buying a beautiful home. He was 100% on top of all my needs once he learned what I liked and didn't prefer. Then about 5 years later I had to sell the home, which obviously was not as joyful as the buying of the house. However, Hal made it painless and through every step of the way was very courteous, timely and detailed. From the professional hands of his camera, to the listing, to the showings, to the multiple offers, to the sale, the most professional Realtor I have ever met. I am planning on purchasing another home with Hal when the right one comes along and I know the next experience will be handled just as well.

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

Hal's Note: Greg is class personified. As a master chef for JW Marriott, he is always working, but made himself available to the sales process and together we found quick success. I am 100% sure we'll find him another great place soon!