Mirtha & Leo Diaz (Sold)

I had the opportunity to have Hal sell my condominium in a short sale. After a long period and many tribulations set up by the bank the sale came to a final conclusion. From the initial time we sign a contract with Hal, he was always very professional, keeping us informed of developments affecting the process of the sale. He reviewed and explained every form in the contract or the ones sent by the bank before we signed.

He truly recognize the value of customer service; and goes the "extra mile" to meet the needs of the customer. He always made his schedule flexible and followed up on our questions in a timely manner. He demonstrated a high level of expertise in his field, successfully creating strategies to make this sale a positive outcome. I will always recommend him to friends and family.

Hal helped me gain my life back. No more banks, no more hassle, no more threats. I'm sleeping easy and can move forward. Hal is the best!


(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  Short sales are never fun for homeowners, but this one took lots of stamina.  After 655 days, I am proud to stay I stood by my clients and got this one done against all odds! Mirtha and Leo are cleared from two mortgage burdens and on to the next chapter in their lives.)