Audrey Langford & Richard Bauer (Bought)

I would tell friends, associates, or anyone looking to sell or buy a home, that Hal's best feature is that he doesn't waste your time telling you about properties that are not suitable for you. He takes time to get a "read" on you as his customer. He is also well schooled on legal issues that may arise, can explain the various clauses in contracts, can communicate very well with your legal advisers and can offer suggestions on marketing properties.

I have had many transactions with and without realtor representatives. Some have been negative and some have been satisfactory. My personal experience with Hal is that he is truly a cut above any of the realtors with whom I have worked. The attorney who represented me in this particular purchase was complimentary in his assessment of Hal also.

I will not hesitate to recommend Hal to others who may be looking for a home or who or thinking of sell a home. He's a real professional.

-Audrey Langford


(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  Audrey knew what she wanted six months ago when we met at another property. Lo and behold, I kept my eyes and ears open and three months later the EXACT property went on the market.  I am so glad we got this done for her! Congrats!)