Cris Perez (Sold & Bought)


I'd like to begin by saying there is no one in the real estate business both more knowledgeable and hard working than Hal Feldman. I have been using Hal as my real estate agent for what has now for about 5 years. Mr. Feldman helped me buy my first condo foreclosed back in 2010; which is known is not an easy task. Now most recently he help me sell that same condo 3 years later for double the price, due to his fantastic expertise with computers and real estate software; as well as verbal skills with the market. After having what felt like father to son conversations, he guided me toward a beautiful new home in Cutler Bay in which he not only helped me through the closing process but the financial (which he did not have to do), so I could receive the best rate. If you are looking to buy, sell, rent or absolutely anything that needs to do with a home and want a trustworthy man to guide you; Hal Feldman is all I have to say!

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  Cris and I have worked on several real estate transactions together. This young go-getter is moving up in the world and I was proud to help him upgrade his living arrangements several times now.)