Brion Bailey (Certified General Accountant)

I have talked together with my spouse about our experience with "Miami Hal" in our capacity as purchasers of a Brickell 2 bedroom condominium. The conclusion was that Hal delivered exactly what we required.

We  made an unsuccessful trip from Canada to Miami in January 2011 for an offer that collapsed. In April 2011, we had a family vacation in the Mexican Riviera Maya and I hoped an inexpensive plane from Cancun to Miami and an accepted offer on a better property is now closing today.

During the second trip, my goals were redefined to (a) lower maintenance fees due to expected future exchange fluctuations and (b) Hal would select a target property (he knew our requirements from the first trip) and it was not to have the feel of a condominium for us. i,.e. I did not want to pay money for a rental feeling since I might just as well rent in that case. I was also looking for a large balcony which would be a plus.

Hal succeeded in all fronts and in particular, our "new to us" end unit condo (with a wrap-around balcony) has a 180 degree waterfront view that is astounding, however, only because of the undeveloped waterfront lot immediately in front of the condo. We could not afford a waterfront price but the expectancy is that a development on the 3 acre waterfront lot will not proceed for say, 10 years. In either case, we win since the side southern views are amazing and are permanent.

I currently have somewhat buyers remorse in that we could have marginally overpaid since I fell in love with the view but I believe that the price we paid was essentially for a regular listing without a 180 degree waterfront view. Hence, this is our bonus in dealing with "Miami Hal."

The condo is also immediately leased on a one year lease (what existing tenant couldn't resist a 180 degree view) as my spouse is currently unable to retire immediately.

I would unequivocally recommend Hal, a Remax Realtor, and in particular, since I am a professional accountant, I find that he also adheres to the highest ethical standards that one could expect in the real estate industry.

Brion Bailey, Certified General Accountant (CGA)
New Westminster, BC (suburb of Vancouver, BC)