Cristian Perez (from Concentra Urgent Care)

Hal Feldman is the [embodiment] of a hard working professional, which these days is very hard to find. If there is a goal to be met by this man, it will be met or he will die trying. Hal worked with me with honesty, sincerity, respect, and especially...full determination. When things didn't look pretty, it was he who always knew the words to use to keep fighting for the ultimate goal which was to get me into my first home. Never once did I call Hal and not get my questions answered. Very important was the fact that he always was organized and prepared for any obstacle needed to be confronted on a daily basis. Hal worked with more for about 3 months and to tell you the truth, he no longer felt like my real estate agent, but more like a friend. You can't go wrong as Hal Feldman as your very own real estate agent.

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)