CITE Traffic Safety Initiative in Palmetto Bay

Speeders Beware! Palmetto Bay Has its Limits. Too many residents have reached their limit with drivers who speed and ignore stop signs and we are responsive to the need to maintain safety in our Village.


Palmetto Bay’s Mayor Eugene Flinn and Councilman David Singer held a Traffic Safety Town Hall meeting on March 12 and then, along with Police Major Serralta, worked to launch a traffic initiative in May called The Comprehensive Improvised Traffic Enforcement Initiative (CITE). "When it comes to driving in The Village, a heavy foot isn't taken lightly with police," explained Serralta.


Using their own records and residents' input, officials have assigned officers at known trouble spots during both morning and evening rush hours where speeding and blown stop sign violations frequently occur. “There was enough blatant disregard for our traffic safely laws captured on video by our residents that we knew we had to do something,” explained Mayor Eugene Flinn.


“We want to address the drivers who are in Palmetto Bay and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that we want safe streets for our kids and for the public at large,” said Flinn. “We know no one wants to get cited, so if people are aware of CITE, we expect behavior will change before citations are necessary.”


Initial feedback from residents has been quite favorable. So, if you want to be part of the Palmetto Bay community, please drive safely.