Invisalign at Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics

Let’s get something straight. When you walk into Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics, you’re treated like one of the family.


Since 1974, Dr. Leonard Rothenberg has built a practice centered on his passion for community and family. In July of 2014, Dr. Greg Ross joined Dr. Rothenberg in the practice. It was a matter of destiny. As a child, Dr. Ross was a patient of Rothenberg. Not only did Rothenberg do his braces, but also mentored Ross through dental school, orthodontic residency and even provided guidance beyond dental education.


I was so impressed with the treatment that both of my kids got when they were in braces that I went back this year for myself. I wanted to correct teeth that were starting to move out of place. I was fitted with Invisalign by Dr. Ross. These are clear plastic plates that fit perfectly around your teeth and using a series of plates you change every two weeks, they move your teeth slowly into place over (typically) a year.

06PT-hal_Teeth moving.jpg

All I can say is “WOW!” Just short of half way through my treatment, I see a big difference. And  the best part is it is hard for anyone else to know you are in the middle of having adult “braces”. I just think this huge tech shift in orthodontics, coupled with the great experience at Rothenberg & Ross makes this a no-brainer.

If you’d like to know more about Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics, they are located at 7901 SW 67th Avenue in South Miami and can be reached at 305-598-8970 and <>