50 Years of Heritage House

For half a century, the Tendrich family has been making boys and men look good at their clothing store, Heritage House. On March 23, they celebrated 50 years in business by doing what they do every day. “We had a bit of fun chatting with our customers about it, but it was a regular day for us,” explained Jack Tendrich. “We just got a little bit older.”


It is with humor, work ethics and dedication that they’ve amassed a stellar reputation. “It’s sort of frightening to know I started this 50 years ago,” remembered Howard Tendrich. “The only thing that has changed in those years is style. People dressed up more back then. Today people wear lots of styles and as long as their happy, its great. But one things is still true… Nehyru jackets are out.”


Manager Charles Merrill has been at the store a scant 42 years. “I love coming to work here. It couldn’t be a better place,” explained Merrill. “The whole Tendrich family is terrific and the customers are amazing.”


And who says you can’t each an old dog a new trick? In 1998 Heritage House started selling online. Today it makes up 30% of their overall business.


But if you want the full effect of this institution, you must visit in person at 12105 South Dixie Highway. You can also call Heritage House at 305-232-1776 or 888-784-8269. Their website is www.boyssuits.com.