Teen Fights for No Texting While Driving

I've written about 18-year old Mark Werwitzer before. Mark took up the cause to change Florida law when it comes to texting while driving. 46 states think texting and driving is so dangerous it’s banned completely. Yet in Florida, where texting while driving became illegal in 2013, it’s only a secondary offense, meaning a driver must be pulled over for something else first.


Mark has been fighting for two YEARS to get a bill voted on that seems to be a no-brainer. Yet, despite the challenges our politicians seem to be creating for him, this savvy and energetic teen presses on.

Here is his latest letter (from Facebook)

I need your help please. Senate Bill 90, this year's bill to make texting while driving a primary offense, is in need of your support. There are only 8 days left in session, and SB 90 has not been scheduled its last committee hearing yet. If the bill is not given a hearing or allowed onto the floor, Senate Bill 90 will not become law. Please send an email to Senator Bradley, the Chair of the Appropriations Committee, and Senator Negron, who is the President of the Senate. Please use your own words to encourage them to place SB 90 by Perry & Garcia on their next committee agenda, or withdraw it from committee. Let them know why you support changes to the texting while driving law. This bill is in its final stretch, these last days will make or break the proposed bill.

Remember, be positive and polite. You will get more flies with honey rather than vinegar. I know that we are adults and this goes without saying, but please do not attack the Senator's personally and please treat them with respect. Talk about the importance of the issue to you.

Sending these legislators an email will send a strong message that this issue is a priority for everyone.

Thank you very much for you assistance. I have attached a sample email that I sent to the Senate President a few days ago, if you need encouragement on what to write.

Email for Senator Bradley: bradley.rob@flsenate.gov
Email for Senator Negron: Negron.Joe@Flsenate.gov

So, please consider taking action and making our Florida roads safer. God knows we need it!