Howard Drive Elementary Fun Fair 2018

On Saturday, February 24th, the PTA threw their annual Fun Fair at Howard Drive Elementary. This year, with the Parkland mass shooting still fresh on mind, the raised funds were designated to the hardening of the school’s safety features.


“Today was a super successful day for our annual fundraiser,” explained PTA President Laura Metka. “We had over 500 attendees, consisting of not only school families but those in the surrounding communities.”


Besides the somewhat generic and obligatory bounce house rides, Howard Drive customizes their fair by having each class do a unique booth with an overall matching a theme. This year’s theme was U.S. States. Metka added, “So the kids learned about a particular State fact and won a prize. Then, larger prizes were awarded for those that completed the most challenges.”


The silent auction went very well. With the sponsorships alone, the school met their goal of $10,000. Overall, the fair raised nearly $20,000.


School principal Deanna Dalby thanked everyone, “The community support is always phenomenal and this is a wonderful event for our school, our kids and our families. The PTA has done an amazing job yet again!”