Philly Grub in Pinecrest

Besides the Liberty Bell, Rocky and the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles, the next City of Brotherly Love thing you most likely think about is food. Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and Italian water ice are the Philly fan favorites that make the mouth water.


As a native Philadelphian, I can tell you I miss eating a good cheesesteak and I certainly know how to rank them. Enter Philly Grub, a three-location restaurant, who opened their latest place in Pinecrest a few months ago.


Nestled in the Pinecrest Shops (SW 124th Street and US-1) right next to Chill-N, Philly Grub has an unassuming storefront, which is why I, and others, missed seeing it for a while.


Inside Jennifer McCool, one of the managing partners, happily oversees the grub served up. “I can call myself an expert since I lived in Philly and as a kid my dad used to bring home cheesesteaks every Friday,” gushes McCool. “My first job was in a cheesesteak shop. It’s in my blood!” Dean Claro is the main sub artist behind the traditional cheesesteak grill who will quickly whip up your culinary requests.


No matter what people tell you, I know the real secret to a perfect cheesesteak starts with the roll. Philly Grub imports their rolls direct from Philadelphia’s Amoroso Bakery.


Since 1904, this family-owned bakery has defined how steaks and hoagies are made. The fresh shaved sirloin-blend steak made every morning rounds out the quality ingredients. The fresh cheeses, onions, peppers and other ingredients are all authentically Philly.


Dennis Mello is a local who loves visiting Philly Grub. “The cheesesteaks are outstanding,” remarks Mello. “I’m a regular here and the onions and when everything is mixed together, it just makes a great sandwich.”


The general enthusiasm of the staff makes this sandwich shop feel special when you walk in. From the warm greeting to the hot steaks off the grill, it’s just like being in a Philly shop. Both my kids, Andrew and Emma Feldman did some taste testing. “There’s no better steak outside of Philadelphia,” claimed Andrew. Emma gave her nod too, “I love that they have steaks and soft pretzels here.”


The ongoing cheesesteak debate is whiz or no whiz. This refers to the cheddar cheese sauce that many put on the steak. Alternatively, you can choose provolone or American cheese. I like the provolone best. So, try all three and let me know.

Even the food prices, which end in either 95 or 76, are a nod to Philly. They are the Interstates which run through the heart of the city. In addition to cheese and chicken steaks, Philly Grub loads up a several types of Italian-style hoagies as well. All sandwiches are under $9. The sides include the standard fries and tots (both quite good), but don’t forget to try a soft pretzel as the icing to your Philly experience. Finish with Italian water ice to claim your total Philadelphia meal.


Philly Grub is located at 8269 SW 124th Street. You can order food at or by calling 786-250-5390. They are open Monday to Saturday 11:30a-8:00p and Sundays 12n-5p. Through March 5th, tell them MiamiHal sent you and receive 10% off your bill.