New French Eatery in Palmetto Bay

Where Kris’ Restaurant once operated (16701 S. Dixie Hwy.), La Maison de Bruno is now serving up a new flavor of breakfast, lunch and dinner since they opened in mid-May.

In 1989, the owners, Valerie and Bruno Durant, started in the restaurant business in France, both in Nice and Izeaux. In 2008, they decided to go for the American dream by opening a restaurant in Downtown Miami called 1st Avenue Bistro.

Their success from the beginning was to only serve what they make in-premises, ensuring that the meals are fresh and authentic Bruno creations. They are humble too. Valerie explained, “We learn and modify our menu based on the feedback we get. If we hear the bread is too crusty, we adjust the consistency. It’s important for us to adapt and be in harmony with our patrons.” Bruno explained, “While I start with a recipe, my dishes change. I add artistic flair that may be different one week to the next.”

Even the restaurant itself is a result of listening to their customers. “We realized that a lot of the people in our Downtown restaurant were from the Pinecrest/Palmetto Bay area and they were begging us to open near them,” expressed Valerie. “They even strongly suggested we use a French name for this location and, in fact, they are the ones who suggested La Maison de Bruno. They said Bruno was so integral that his name should be part of the experience.”

This is a family affair. Bruno is in the kitchen with his son-in-law. Valerie and her daughter, Oriane, wait tables and manage. You feel the dedication when you walk in.  

And while the menu certainly has a few French dishes, there is also pasta, American burgers (a recall from their first establishment in France) and a wide variety of good choices for adults and kids. “We’re all homemade and the service is impeccable,” boasted Valerie, “This is why people love us.”

I know the focus is bad... but it's all I got.

I know the focus is bad... but it's all I got.

The early weeks at La Maison de Bruno were slow, but with word-of-mouth it is picking up. Palmetto Bay resident Lillian Alvarado was here with her husband and son and explained, “We saw that it was open and had breakfast. We were impressed with the quality of food and service and so we’ve been back three time already.”

Indeed, the dinner sampler I had was outstanding. I particularly liked the authentic French Onion Soup.

La Maison de Bruno is open every day of the week from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Prices are reasonable and so far you won’t have a long line to get a table. You can reach them at 305-232-1019 or see the menu at their website.