Home Building Strengthens Pinecrest Community

With local builders, new home building is community building. Just ask James Robb, owner of All Home Enterprises, a quarter-century old construction company.

Robb just completed a fantastic spec house on 102nd Street in Pinecrest. The Hamptons-inspired single-story home is crafted with the latest technologies and several wow features. The nearly 7000-SF estate with five bedrooms and six and a half baths will hit market by the end of April at a price of $3.25M. (See me for a tour!)

But that is not the point of this story.  The real story is how building a single new home can strengthen the entire Pinecrest community. Unlike a national builder, local companies like All Home Enterprises use local suppliers, including Shell Lumber and many tile stores like D&B Tile. And while Robb will humbly say he is just a small company with loyalty to its employees, the community benefits are many.

"We have teamed with local suppliers for years," explained Robb.  "We regularly partner with Pinar Electric, South Florida Plumbing, Poe Roofing, Benson's Lighting, Custom Air Solutions and J&J Cabinets." Beyond the obvious local financial relationships this creates, you can trace local dollars several other ways, all the way down to the food trucks that roll to the construction sites to feed hungry workers.

About four years ago, All Home Enterprises partnered up with a home designer with nearly 30 homes under his belt. Now, beyond the renovation work, they build about one spec home each year. This allows them to maintain quality and focus. "When you work with the same lineup of people year after year, great things happen," explained Robb. “Job after job, we work together like a well-oiled machine.”

All Home Enterprise keeps dozens of people working throughout the year, pays Pinecrest their building and permitting fees and eventually brings up the tax base on each property they complete. Additionally, new homes enhance the value of those around them. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Robb say Pinecrest is wonderful. "It is all about access. Access to great schools, great roads, great shopping. It's our premiere place to work. Pinecrest also has a great system for building and permitting. In fact, it's the area I prefer to work in."

With years of satisfied customers, All Home Enterprises works entirely on word-of-mouth advertising. “We wouldn’t even put letters on our trucks if it wasn’t a requirement,” says Robb.

In Robb’s estimation, Pinecrest is going in a good direction. “Everyone wants to be here. Lots of construction means a healthy future. People will always start real estate with ‘location, location, location’.”

As a successful company, I asked All Home Enterprises what they would tell a typical homeowner on how to increase their home’s value. James Robb had the perfect answer, “New homes go quicker. People want move-in ready homes. We give them the best quality, finishes and modern conveniences. Kitchen and bathroom updates are fine, but the real key is to add square footage. If the neighborhood is yielding $500/SF and you can construct at $250/SF that is the easiest way to double your money.”

Robb went on to say that along with technology and convenience upgrades, today’s consumers want higher ceilings. And All Home Enterprises has literally raised the roof on many Pinecrest homes in the past 15 years.

So the next time you drive past a construction site, remember that the work being done there will not only benefit the owner, but help build the community in multi-faceted ways.