Mangowood Estates Means Community

I've written about the quaint, almost idyllic, Palmetto Bay neighborhood of Mangowood Estates before. These homes, west of Coral Reef Elementary School, have run a successful volunteer homeowners' association for more than 50 years. The moment you enter the area, you can almost feel the community reach out to you. People say hello on these streets and know their neighbors. And for that very reason, these predominantly 1960s homes maintain a higher market value.


On November 11th, the community held their annual block party. There was music, food, a pick-up game of football, a rock climbing wall and more. Besides a great evening of neighbors getting together, it was also time for the annual elections to the Association Board.

[L to R] Joe, Jeff, Sammie, Joe Sr. and David Greenwell – a true Mangowood family

[L to R] Joe, Jeff, Sammie, Joe Sr. and David Greenwell – a true Mangowood family

In the end, retired Miami-Dade police sergeant David Greenwell became President. It was more than fitting, as the family is legacy in Mangowood. “My Dad, Joe Greenwell, bought the second home in Mangowood in 1957. At the time, we were surrounded by mangroves and the Dixie Drive-In was all the rage,” explained David Greenwell. “As a kid, I remember them creating a berm from the dredging of the C-100 canal. We used to dig hiding places in there. This was a special community then and it still is today.”


It is special because families tend to stay here. Houses are often turned over the next generation or people leave and are drawn back.

Pam Tabor, a former Association President remembers fondly, “My parents bought the third house in Mangowood. I was 12 at the time and one of the older kids thus the default babysitter. I hate to admit that I used to babysit David Greenwell.” Pam just loves the families, community and sticking together that has always been Mangowood. “We band together and overcome challenges, like hurricane clean-ups, like no other community.”