Illuminated Evening Walk in Coral Reef Park

Coral Reef Park, the gem of Palmetto Bay’s parks system, offers a wide variety of activities all day long; baseball, football, soccer, tennis, a playground, walking and exercise path, and more. But as soon as the sun sets, all but the tennis courts must be vacated until dawn.

Earlier this year, Palmetto Bay resurfaced the walking path that runs the entire perimeter of the park with a rubberized soft-feel material. Most people are thrilled with the result and want more.

So, in a phased experiment, the Village of Palmetto Bay is enhancing the path with solar LED path lights. “We’re doing the east side of the park this year,” explains Village Manager Ed Silva. “And we’ll work out way around from there.”

The lights are glued to manufactured concrete landscaping blocks and lined up about every six feet on either side of the path. This allows for flexibility in installation, and since it is all solar-powered, there is no wiring to install.

If the plan works, the Village may allow for walks beyond dusk and into the evening. Whatever the result, there is no doubt these lights add safety to the already enhanced walking path.