Sky's Junior Olympic Dreams

When you first see 7-year old Sky Arnold-Brown, you are struck by her beaming smile that exudes confidence.

I encountered Sky outside the Publix at US-1 and SW 146th Street in the mid-July sweltering heat when she simply held out a cup and asked, “Will you help me run?”

Sky, who attends Caribbean Elementary School in South Miami Heights, is collecting money to compete in the Junior Olympics. The 5-day event is in Houston, Texas and she needs $1000 to pay her way to attend.

Sky’s neck was adorned with about a dozen metals and ribbons. “I have more at home,” she adds.

Her favorite track event is the 1500-meter run. She boasts, “I run faster than a jet! I’m all about the long distances” You can tell, Sky loves what she does and puts all of her slender frame into her sport.

“Coach [David Jacque] makes us run for 20 straight minutes and that’s really hard,” explains Sky, “But its fun too. I even like the 3000.” When asked what Sky plans to do in life, she replied, “I want to be a coach and teach kids how to be fast.”

If you see Sky at Publix, consider helping her achieve her goal. With her drive and personality, it’s clear to me that she’s already going places in life. You can also donate to the school's cause at Goulds Panthers' Gofundme link: