Coral Reef Park's Camp-Out

Overnight on February 6th, Palmetto Bay’s Coral Reef Park Camp-out was a great success, despite the rains dampening things a bit. More than 150 tents were registered and 96 checked-in for this first-ever event.

Beginning Saturday afternoon, the park was converted into campgrounds as people pitched their tents and took advantage of volleyball, badminton, kayaking, carnival rides, hikes and tether-ball.

As night fell, the events turned to the silver screen, where a special presentation of Ghosts if the Western Glades was shown, narrated by the film’s director, Richard Kern. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb was supposed to be screened, but the rains fell too heavily.

However, that did little to dampen the spirits of the urban campers. They had a huge bonfire to roast s’mores (courtesy of MiamiHal's past Boy Scouts experience) and lots of company to share stories with under their tents.

‘It’s all about community and this was a great starter event for people who are considering camping but have never tried it before,” explained Mayor Eugene Flinn. “We will have this event again so I'm asking those who attended to let us know what we can do to make this event even better. And for those who didn't, let us know what it will take to get you and your family out there next time.”

The park’s conversion to handle this event was nothing short of amazing. There were floodlights, movie screens, food trucks, kayaking equipment and more. Mayor Flinn added, “I want to thank the staff and vendors who worked so hard to make this happen.”