2nd Annual Jonathan’s Day

The second annual ‘Jonathan’s Day’ was one of family fun and learning. Held on December 3rd in Coral Reef Park, as part of Palmetto Bay’s Unique Abilities Fair, about 500 people to learn about supporting and assisting kids and families dealing with autism.

‘Jonathan’s Day’ is named after Jonathan Mizrachi, a bright-eyed 12-year-old with autism and the son of CBS4 Digital Sales Manager, Jason Mizrachi. As such, CBS4 Sports Anchor Mike Cugno served as co-MC of the event along with Miami Heat announcer Michael Baiamonte. “Jonathan’s Day is exciting,” said Baiamonte. “We got plenty of kids out here enjoying themselves as I announce the kids like they’re NBA stars, making them feel really special, because they really are special to us.”

Championed locally by Councilwoman Larissa Siegel Lara, she and the Mayor made several presentations, along with Councilwoman Karyn Cunningham.

“We already have a great parks system and lots of events here in the Village of Palmetto Bay, we’re utilizing ‘Jonathan’s Day’ as a way to expand our efforts to improve and hone park programming to be more inclusive for those with unique abilities,” explained Mayor Eugene Flinn.

For the day, Palmetto Bay’s Westminster Christian School provided a drum line and a band of seniors wrote and performed a special song called “Superhero”, dedicated specifically to Jonathan.

Daniel Bonsanti wrote the lyrics and explained, “Jonathan loves superheroes and acts like one every day for our community.” The lyrics say it all: “Look at me. I’m what I set out to be…I’m a superhero and I got powers too. And I can change the world, but so can you.”

As kids played and parents learned, Jonathan set his sights on the police helicopter. I led him over to the pilot’s seat and asked him what the day meant to him.

“It’s about acceptance and adventure, activities and games.  I even got my own theme song. The Green Lantern is my favorite superhero because he’s awesome!” Jonathan is pretty awesome too.

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