New Farmer’s Market in Palmetto Bay

On Sunday, November 20, a new farmer’s market started in Palmetto Bay’s Coral Reef Park. Organizer Celia Camp was excited for the first day. “I left another farmer’s market unhappy. I figured I could treat people right and do my own. So, in February, I started the process with Palmetto Bay and here we are today, open to the public!” Although Mayor Eugene Flinn had wanted this for a while now, the market only came to be after an arduous bidding process.

The farmer’s market will operate every Sunday 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., except for mid-June through the end of August when it is simply too hot. The number of vendors for day one was about 20, but Celia hopes to double that quickly. “The flan lady sold out already and its only half way through our day. That’s a good sign.”

Falls area resident Shahla Kowsari saw the signs over the past week and made her way over to Coral Reef Park, “I am impressed. I like having this option so close to home.” Maritza Veigula lives in Palmetto Bay and came with two of her three children. “It’s exciting because I get to support local farmers and it's a nice thing to do with the kids.” Her kids joked that they enjoyed the market and the fruit. When pressed, they said, “Candy, popcorn and fruit yes…but NO VEGETABLES!” Sounds about right.

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