Principal Changes at Palmetto Middle School


School has just let out and before the final bell rang for summer I caught up with the new Palmetto Middle School principal Jesus Gonzalez. Gonzalez started as principal March 3 and was pleased with how he was greeted and how the year wrapped up.

“We had a great year and now the kids should be enjoying themselves for the summer. Family vacation and relaxing is very important. It’s about bonding time,” remarked Gonzalez. But kids don’t get a completely free hall pass. “Our students should also keep up with their summer math or science work…and enjoy a good book or two.”  Yeah, that sounds like principal speak.

As for his first full year at Palmetto Middle School, Gonzalez said he’s looking forward to responding to parent’s input by expanding the music program. “I’d like to go from our part-time music program to full-time. We’ll also continue on the successful Palmetto Middle school path and work on taking it to the next level.”

Jesus Gonzalez went on to say he wanted to grow the Cambridge Program already utilized in 6th and 7th grade. “We’re sending teachers for additional training this summer so we can expand its reach at the school.”

To quell a rumor going around the student body at the end of the year, no, there will be no draconian changes to the dress code. Gonzalez explains that there has been a dress code in place since 2009 and that he simply plans to enforce it a bit more.

One thing to look forward to just before students head back to class; Palmetto Middle School will release their phone app, allowing both students and parents to always be in the know and connected.